So apparently I'm fine.

My dad was home and the twins were out, but I guess I've been here since a couple days after the first.

Apparently, I've been sleeping ever since I fell asleep on the first. Not unconscious, not comatose, not sick or anything, just... asleep. Jenna got ahold of my dad and he insisted that I not step through the doors of a hospital (he doesn't trust hospitals) and came to pick me up instead.

I've also been sleepwalking. And apparently sleep typing. From what my dad has observed, I'll get up whenever everyone else is asleep sometimes and go to my computer and write and then go back to bed without saying anything. My dad's been leaving food at my desk to get me to eat when sleeptyping there, and it's worked so far, but he's out a lot at night so he can't actually be there when I'm up and about. He only knows because of his security cameras, I guess.

Jenna is not missing, but she's left the apartment for the time being because things feel off there, according to her texts. She's returned back to her usual gig of skipping from place to place a bit, but remains close to the apartment in case I return and has been checking in with my dad periodically via e-mail to keep an eye on me. Because Alva would want her to, in her words.

I've skimmed through two of the drafts. They're not in English. All I've gotten thus far is a headache. I will probably post them or at least try to paraphrase translations later.

Thanks for sticking around guys. I don't really know what caused this but... yeah.

I guess I'll probably have to look into it at some point. Just not now. Now I need food and a hopefully short sleep.




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