It is Sunday, January 22nd.

I just woke up in my sister's old room in my dad's house.

I don't hear anything downstairs.

Yesterday it was New Year's Day and I fell asleep after a day-long drive home with Freedom. Apparently twenty-one days have passed since. I don't recall anything.

I'm hoping this is a hallucination or waking dream like the ones I've been having lately; but if so, it's very different than the usual.

The room is pretty empty, but it has a hamper with clothes I recognize as mine in it, and a duffel bag at the foot of the bed that also appears to be mine. My computer is on a rolling desk thing by the door and my cell phone is on the nightstand.

I checked this account and my phone and e-mail and such to see if I've been up to anything. There are a few unanswered texts from Mike and some subscription/spam e-mails, but I guess I haven't posted or communicated with anyone else in a few weeks. However I did find several unpublished drafts in my Blogger account, spread out in between Jan 1 and today. The most recent one is from four days ago.

They are all from odd times in the morning.

I have not apparently heard from Jenna. Freedom, I don't know if I ever got a chance to talk to you again after the first, but if not, I apologize.

Checked in the mirror and I look fine.

I'm gonna go see if anyone else is home.




Freedomcaged said...

Now I wonder if I should have stopped by before I left. Well at least you're alive, let us know what's going on, o.k.?

See you around

Aura said...

Robin! You're okay. What a relief. Enough is going crazy as it is. Please be careful. You've lost a lot of time.

Jenna hasn't been around on the blogs either; which makes this more worrying.

Just, while trying to find things out; please be careful.

Big Robin said...

Just did Free, and too bad you didn't, because I am definitely still going to insist that I am in your debt and will someday pay you back somehow.

Aura, I haven't been caught up on anything going on, what's crazy? Jenna doesn't believe in these blogs but she's answering texts so I'm not too concerned.

Anyway thanks to both of you for the concern - and don't worry Aura, I haven't even left the house. Besides, out of all the houses in Minnesota, my dad's is probably the safest one in the whole damn state.

Thanks again guys.


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