New Headquarters

We're back in California, by the way. Still haven't heard hide nor tail of Alva, although I can't say I know the best places on the Internet to look for sightings of her. I wish there were an installable app that would tell you whenever someone on a blog had an encounter of a certain type and wrote about it. I bet Mike could design one, but even for him it would probably take a while. And I'm not going to ask any more favors of anyone.

Looks like Dad's held up his end of the deal so far, what with keeping all the folks involved with my mom from reporting me missing. They've been accosting me for the past couple of weeks. Lots of papers, lots of condolences, lots of lawyers. Mom and Lara made a deal a long time ago as to what Lara wanted, so that wasn't much. The twins of course got money for their college fund and some books and things. Dad got some items of sentimental value - I assume they were, anyway, seemed a random collection to me. The shop was divided between the girl who currently does most of the work and me. The money was divided between charity, the twins' college funds, the shop, and me. The apartment has been transferred to my name, given a down payment. I have a choice of whether I want to keep paying for it or not after the lease or whatever expires. I'm on the fence right now about that. There were a bunch of other things but nothing particularly notable beyond that.

Feels kinda weird, to be honest. It's been such a long few weeks... months... how long has it been? I've lost track of time. My computer says it's December. I guess that means it can't have been more than a month. That's so weird to me. It can't be true, can it?

Then again, time gets bent in certain places I've been.

I guess that means Christmas is coming up.

It will be my first Christmas without Alva in ... a long time.

Speaking of Alva! This apartment is officially the HQ of the Alva Makenna Tracking Committee. President: Me. Our first order of business:  track down any potential Alva Makenna sightings.

Alva hates pictures almost as much as I do. Ever since third grade we've always played hooky on Picture Day at school. And at events, she will literally throw whatever she's holding at anyone point a camera at her. She's actually scared off professional photographers before, at age like thirteen or something. The only thing I have of her is sketches that I did myself, and they're gestural charcoal sketches that are tucked away in my desk back in Minnesota. So the best I can do for you guys in the way of an image is a sketch just from the top of my head on Photoshop right now.

I will probably put up more sketches of her from different angles (and better) so that you can get a better picture. Basically she has an elf/pixie/doll face, amazing green eyes, and a giant wild tangled mass of lion hair that goes down to the small of her back. She's pale and her body looks like a delicate doll if a delicate doll were really angry and could kick your ass.

The AMTC has a lot of research and work to do but in the mean time, please keep a look out for her and tell the other blogs to as well. Also anyone who so much lays a finger on her can come personally to me for a highly individualized threat to their life, well being, and all they hold dear. 

Thank you for all of your support, everyone. It has been much appreciated.




The Overseer said...

I shall hand the information out to those who work for us out in the field on the off-chance one comes across her.

We shall keep an eye out for her as best we can Robin.

I would suggest keeping an eye on the comments of some of the blogs Alva followed incase any comments from her crop up.

Particularly those who encounter Him the most or serve Him almost religiously.

Something will come up Robin. Good luck. But keep a careful eye out around you as well. Don't focus so much that you miss any possible dangers around. You're a part of this too now.

Be Wise. Be Safe. Be Aware.

Big Robin said...

That's on my list, Overseer. It's a lot of blogs but at least some of them are inactive, so that will narrow it down.

Don't worry, I'm always watching. Paranoia doesn't just leave, unfortunately.

But thank you so much for your help. It's much appreciated.


The Overseer said...

Ah I almost forgot. Considering Jenna does not believe the idea of blogs, I doubt I will get an answer to my comment on Alva's blog.

I am sorry if this has already been answered before but...is there any meaning or reference behind the title of Alva's blog? Sometimes memories and traits seep through even if they're not in control. Anything to do with her could help in re-locating.

Big Robin said...

You mean XIUCOATL? It's some fire serpent thing from Aztec myth. Alva's got a thing for the paranormal as you've probably noticed, so she likes creatures (especially gruesome ones) from myth and legend. She looked up a bunch to decide what to name her blog after, and picked the xiuhcoatl because she loves both fire and snakes.

I'm not sure how that could help locating her... But I guess if there are any mentions of a fire-snake-looking symbol or something around? I dunno. But I am really glad you're helping look into this. It means a lot to me to have allies in my search.


Freedomcaged said...

Dang, I'm sorry I've been out of contact these past few days, it seems I missed out on a lot. Don't worry, Robin, I'll keep my eyes open. However, if this is actually a result of deal with the tall guy, then I'm not sure how much I can do if I see her, but I will keep my eyes open, and I'll let you know if I see her. Feel free to contact me if you need anything.

See you around

KnitWolf said...

Doubt I'll be seeing anyone around here, Sir Robin. However, if Ritter decides to give me back my freedom, I will keep an eye out for Alva.

Big Robin said...

@Freedom, thank you. Even the smallest bit helps. I agree there might not be much to do - I just need to know where she is so I can keep her safe. I don't want someone attacking her because she provoked them... They don't know, she's not herself.

@Knit, again, thank you anyways. The thought means a lot to me. And for the record, I hope you are freed soon - good luck.


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