Merry Christmas!

I don't have a tree or decorations or presents or a chimney or stockings or friends or family.
But I do have cookies.
So I'm pretending I'm Santa and eating them.

Sharing with Jenna of course because I'm a good person.

I haven't really slept in the past four days or so, which is how I actually know that it is in fact Christmas today. I wasn't really keeping track of the days before, but lately I have nothing better to do then watch the clocks change.

Anyway I don't really have any updates. There's no sign of Alva. I haven't learned anything new about the Path beyond what you guys have told me. Jenna doesn't understand how Mr Tobias treats me.

I honestly haven't been thinking about him much. Dunno why. I keep forgetting to research Them, too, but I guess they're not particularly relevant as to what I'm looking for now.

I dunno.


Just a lot of weird waking dreams lately I guess. My mind's sort of unfocused on anything else.

But regardless, a happy Christmas or whatever holiday and, soon, happy New Year to you all!




Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Robin! :)

Freedomcaged said...

Merry Christmas Robin, good luck in your contiinuing search.

See you around

Aura said...

I'm a little late, but Merry Christmas Robin. Sorry that nothing new has come up yet.

Jenna said...

God damnit, I can't believe I'm back on here. I knew I should have chipped him with a GPS signal...

Hey, Robin disappeared late last night/early this morning. Keep an eye out for him, and comment on here if you see the moron. I can't afford him doing something stupid again.

Tall, black hair, blue eyes, muscular build, reaaaaally awkward. Also, wearing a crystally bracelet thing I made for him.


JCPOLO said...

Robin if you log again please explain me what happened to ALVA

Aura said...

We'll do the best we can Jenna. This is really worrying. First Alva and now Robin.

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