Look who's back

Back again
Robin's back
Tell a friend

Okay I'm never gonna do that again.

Um, so, guess I've returned. Looks like you all met Jenna on Alva's blog... Anyway, yeah, I was gone. So, apparently it's only Friday now, happy December, sorry I missed it. I didn't realize it hadn't been so long here.

I was gone for longer than that.
Way longer than that.

But I didn't exceed the 48/72 hour limit getting there, don't worry. If that was even a thing in the first place...? Guess we'll never know. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Alva's not There anymore, and she is no longer with Them.

She's not here or with us, either. But... that's less important.

And I guess you probably won't be seeing her on her blog anymore either, unless she turns out unexpectedly lucid or suddenly gets a hankering for some code. She might show up on other people's, in brief cameos, I don't know. I'll be keeping track.

Anyway I returned to Jenna's hotel room for a shower and to get all my stuff, but after today I'm gonna be back on the streets and mooching free Wi-Fi again. Maybe I should blackmail my dad to get me a personal HotSpot.

As I told Jenna when she asked where I was going, I'll be going the same place I always go - wherever Alva is. How I'm going to manage that is something I'm still working on. Jenna has graciously decided to contribute her own attendance to this journey. She has been taking it upon herself to go through Alva's private things to gather information in my absence.

Nevertheless, I'll try and post soon. I'll need some recommendations of blogs that seem / are confirmed legitimate. And I'll need to spread the word on what Alva looks like in case anyone sees her. I'd love your guys' help with that - but it'll have to wait. Right now I need food. I haven't eaten in...

... a week? Longer? Or maybe it only works the way real time does, in which case one or two days. If I were a tiny little guy that wouldn't be a big deal. Unfortunately I'm tall and a little bit hulking and need lots of calories, so boo. Looks like McDonald's it is for me.

Well, whatever the case, I'm glad to be back in the real world, and thanks to you all for your suggestions and/or help.

Talk to you later.




FreedomCaged said...

This was, by far, the most (purposely?)ambigious and cryptic message you have made thus far. And a hikiu is 5-7-5 syllables, not 3-3-3. Anyways, I'm glad your o.k., good luck in your quest.

See you around

Big Robin said...

Is it? Whoops. I'm not really particularly hiding anything, so I guess ask away if you're confused.

The lines were actually from a dumb song, not a haiku. But thanks!


KnitWolf said...

Um... okay

Back up a minute...

So you've been gone for a while... Did Ritter come to you or was the time screw caused by Them?

Alva is not with Them or you and will most likely not be posting on her blog. Is she okay? Still herself?

On a slightly different note, any idea as to why Jenna was telling us to stop following your and Alva's blogs?

Regardless, I too am glad you're alright and
wish you luck

Big Robin said...

Okay I think I've got service here so I'll go ahead and try to address those one by one...

I don't know whether Mr Tobias particularly sought me ought or whether that was my own doing, but, short answer... yes. As for the time screw, I don't know if it was particularly the manifesto of either of them. I guess I just figured that that plane and our plane didn't sync up cleanly?

Alva is okay, or she was. To paraphrase what I told Jenna, her physical state was fine enough, and her mental state was... on hiatus. I don't know a better way to put it, I guess.

Jenna doesn't believe in the blogs. Like me, she thinks most of them are fake - but I guess she also in general thinks the idea is really stupid. She claims she's known of Slenderman from long before the meme.

Thank you for the well wishes, Knit.


Anonymous said...

Well, I kept thinking if you were alright but at least you're okay.
I had many thoughts going in my head about what happened to Alva. It bothered and worried me.

Please, make sure you stay safe.

Big Robin said...

Sorry you were bothered, PB. I was too.

Thanks for the well wishes!


The Overseer said...

I've caught up. First I would like to say I am sorry for your loss. Your mother sounded like a wonderful caring woman.

Now to focus on the current emergency. She's been taken hasn't she? You say that she isn't with Them. You say that we won't hear from her unless she's particularly lucid or in code.

You expressed a desire to contact Slender Man.

Am I correct in that she has lost herself to him?

Big Robin said...

Thank you, Overseer, she really was.

I don't know that I would describe it as 'taken.' Then again, maybe that is accurate? You're pretty observant, Overseer, good for you.

To be perfectly honest I can't say what the situation is with 100% certainty. I made a deal with the Slender Man. But it's not like he 'speaks' with perfect clarity or anything. I took the chance anyway because I couldn't let her die. All I know is that after... whatever that whole thing that happened was... happened, she left and so did he. My assumption is that she was something of a trade. That's why I'm trying to keep an eye on the Slenderpeople, in case she shows up. I haven't had any confirmation yet. I'm waiting for it.

If you hear anything, I hope you'll let me know. I'm working on a post right now with a description of her.


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