This is Halloween II

Oh, before I say anything:

Yep. It happened.

FYI, the reason that book looks so nice and new is because it was Alva's Halloween present to me. We do a gift exchange every year; it's our little personal tradition. Mine to Alva was tickets to Alva's fave band, thank you very much, which I bought MONTHS ago, back when I could afford them. Anyway, long story short, Alva was complaining to me last week about how I'd never read it (House of Leaves). "If you'd just read the book, you'd understand what I'm talking about!" But it's not like there's a copy at our local library, and I can't afford to just order random books off the internet. So apparently she took it upon herself to get me my own copy. 

All I wanted was new Jack Skellington gloves...

Oh well. Anyway, after Alva put up her last post, she came knocking on my door and made *me* make our masks, because apparently I somehow volunteered for this. Also, she had somehow managed to receive a sneak delivery at some point, because we did NOT have that wig before. (I have dark brown / almost black hair naturally). So Alva made me be the Tim/Masky to her Hoody instead of what I was planning, which was zombie!Waldo. My tradition is broken... -sniffle-

Also it took about twenty minutes just to hide her giant tangled mass of hair. We ended up having to braid it. I felt like a Girl Scout. 

HOWEVER, I am still having a rocking Halloween. Why? Because it's Halloween!! My favorite holiday, u gaiz. The plan for the rest of tonight is to scare young children, watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, watch Paranormal Activity, play a horror video game (I thought Majora's Mask was enough, being mildly creepy, but Alva's rooting for Amnesia. She'll win, too <<; ), listen to our Halloween Mix, turn off the lights and on the fireplace, and just generally be awesome. Alva's busy adding to her half of the Halloween Mix, so I thought I'd take the chance to jump online and post an update. Plus, I have to finish re-reading Ansem Retort, one of my favorite webcomics. (Another favorite of mine, Irregular Webcomic, just announced that it would stop posting. ;-; WHY, INTERNET, WHY!) So, if I end up coming back on and posting any sick, disturbing, or hilarious comic scenes made out of screenshots from Kingdom Hearts... that would be what that's from.

Aaand now it's time to make our Halloween feast! Excuse me while I go put together more delicious, sweet, crispy treats. 

As for you all, have a wonderful All Hallow's Eve!



Money Mart

So, the mysterious growling voice-mailer called again. They slipped up, though--this time they forgot to block the number, so I called back.

Turns out, it's some scammer called "Money Mart."

As I said smugly to Alva soon thereafter, "Mystery solved."

Of course, then she had to point out:  "Growling? Really?"

In the end, we agreed that all these links to spam sites and threatening calls from scammers can only point to one thing.

Slenderman's true motive really is to get his twenny dollaz. And he will do so in whatever way necessary.

Too bad I'm poor. Maybe next time, ol' buddy.




This is Halloween

Watch this. Now.

This is mine and Alva's future home. SOMEDAY. It's in California, too. My mom lives in California. IT COULD WORK U GAIZ.

Okay. Done. Anyway. It's not actually Halloween, obviously, but it is coming up. I hope you all are big Halloween fans, because Alva and I are the biggest. Seriously, our entire apartment complex either detests or worships us in Halloween season, because we are REALLY into it.

We went to the pumpkin patch a little while ago, and tonight we finally carved our Jack'o'Lanterns. In case you're interested, we have a grand total of thirteen of them. By Alva's description...

"Two Operator Symbols, one Slender Man, three ghouls, two masks, three skulls on fire, one ominous tree. And the last one is up to you."

How sweet. I chose Doctor Who's Weeping Angels for the last one, by the way. And even though they were HER ideas, I did in fact do most of the carving. >.< How unappreciative she is of my hard work and talent!

I can't wait to light them up, anyway. :)

I wanted to post pictures for you guys, because I'll admit it, they're pretty kick-ass, but Alva says we can't use her iTouch for it because she "can't use it for anything until I get stupid... freaking... iOS5..." and we don't actually have any other cameras. (Before you say phone cameras, first of all, the lens on mine is cracked, and second, house rules say no uploading anything from cell phones to the Internet. People can trace you that way.)

Besides all that, nothing eventful has happened. I did try to find out a little bit more with those files, but didn't get anywhere. I've been spending most of my time researching for my project. And I did actually get out of the house this weekend to go party with zombies, so... yay me. Otherwise, it's been a pretty quiet house. Alva's rereading House of Leaves. I have to wander out and make her put it down and eat every so often. Last time she tried to read it without any breaks and we ended up having to take her to the hospital. So now I monitor.

I've got to say... I'm kind of glad nothing's happened in the past couple days. I can go back to the project this was supposed to be for, instead of worrying about real life troubles. I hope the rest of you have been having as quiet times.

Drag your Halloween decorations out of the attic for me!




Voicemail [latest - Oct 21st]

I found it on YouTube.

The same message, quite long, posted by a girl called 1185slee on October 14th.

I read all the comments. From what I can tell, she got one message, the sister of a user called janelle188 received four, a user called doggiedazzle had three, the wife of a user known as darkwolf383 also got three, as did the mother of the boyfriend of user chutchens95, and katja99 has received two.

Plus my four (I got another one this morning), that makes twenty-one such messages, approximately identical, left on seven numbers over a week or so (I'm assuming none before October).

I don't think these people have any relation to Slenderman, as none of them mentioned anything outside of the messages.

So... Dead end? False alarm? Unrelated conspiracy?

Otherwise, it's been quiet.

Maybe it *was* just nothing.



6:14pm, UPDATE

So, Alva kept pestering me to explain the mysterious files if the voicemail was something else. I said they might just be glitchy, and she pointed out that "Master" didn't sound like a very 'glitchy' file name.

Hence, I did some digging, and found this.

Read closely. Turns out none of this is Slenderman after all, guys. It's *GLaDOS*! Guess Aperture Science was behind this the whole time. Good thing we're... wait for it... still aliiiiiiive!

Okay, I'll stop singing now.

Basically, that's just funny, and all this really means is that there are still no real leads on the files. Don't know whether that means they're something or nothing.

Oct 21st, UPDATE

Speaking of phones, mine has stopped receiving text messages from Alva. Everything else works fine. I've been having to communicate with her via her borrowed iPod and its little TextPlus app thingy, which neither of us is too pleased about.

12:39pm, UPDATE

No, wait, Mike's Skyping me, it looks like I'm not receiving his texts either. Something up with my phone, then?

2:17pm, UPDATE

Ha, I fixed it. Turns out my inbox was full. First time ever, man.



Things are happening a lot faster than anything I've seen, guys, so I apologize for the mass of posts. From here on out, I'm going for one post a day max, preferably less (here's to hoping things stop happening...), and if anything new can be added in an edit to the latest post, that's what will be done.

That said, I figure I should probably fill you in.

I have no leads.

We tried to look up the file extensions of those documents that showed up, to see what programs we could open them with. Some extensions didn't exist at all, others belonged to programs you had to pay for to download. I don't have any money left, so.

As you can tell I've been very upset about this, and I'm not quite sure just what to believe.

Last night, in an effort to get me to stop moping, Alvie tried to get me to come with her to IHOP. What initially was simply tired reluctance pretty quickly broke down into a full-blown panic attack, where I was hyperventilating, quivering, and psychologically unable to move, basically flipping out in the stairway of our apartment building, repeating things over and over again, trying to breathe... a typical attack.

I don't know whether I've mentioned that I have some "psychological problems" before, but I do. An obvious one, if you see me commenting on Alvie's blog, is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and it's not a far stretch to be able to tell from my horrible inability to pay attention at school that I also have Attention Deficit Disorder. In addition to those I also have autistic tendencies, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Recurrent Brief Depression, previously Major Depressive Disorder, and, finally, Panic Disorder.

(Clearly I'm not the most well-functioning of guys, although I get along pretty well when I keep to myself.)

Well anyway, my panic disorder used to show up a lot more often, attacks popping up fairly frequently all through middle school, and with a whole series of them not long after the start of my freshman year of college. A period of panic is usually accompanied, for me, with acute agoraphobia, which is why I couldn't bring myself to leave the apartment for IHOP with Alvie. I hadn't had any since freshman year, but obviously last night they started again.

I've pretty much calmed down from last night's attack, thanks to Alvie, who helped me back up the stairs, helped me to breathe, arranged some things with classmates for me, and made me chicken noodle soup (which I couldn't eat due to shaking hands) before getting me a blanket so I could sleep it off. (Ha, and you thought she was cold-hearted.) Hardly. I slept until this afternoon. Thankfully Alvie was still home (she's off classes today), or I might have gone into another panic. But instead I'm pretty calm now.

However, I did check my phone, only to find I had gotten another voicemail. Shorter this time, more growl than whisper, and said it was from 'restricted' instead of 'unavailable.' I'm too tired of this crap to be all that upset about it, although I'm sure it'll come rushing back to me once I'm alone in the dark. Also, Alva says she found another e-mail in my inbox. It was to the same recipients as the first time, only from some called 'eyesurgn' some number. The link just led to some random malware site this time. I'm not sure these links mean anything.

Freedomcaged suggested that I find someone to help me analyze these files.

I would love to do just that, Caged, but here's the thing. I know about seven people in the world. My twin brothers, my sister, my mom, my dad, Alvie, and my therapist.

I'm pretty sure none of them are good with computers.

I asked Alva about active Slenderblogs to see if she knew anyone could help, as everyone is always code-cracking on these things. But she said almost all of the blogs she followed were now defunct, as most of them had become Runners. Great.

So, Caged, if you know anyone, I would absolutely love to analyze these files. And yeah, I'll continue to do more research myself, but to be honest...

Me and Alva were talking a bit about our options last night. A lot of them were pretty impossible, and then there was 'do nothing.' I'm kind of leaning towards that one.

I can't figure these out by myself, guys. If you can help, or know someone who can, please do. But beyond that... I'm hoping to just get over these panic attacks the rest of the week, go participate in the zombie event this weekend, and try to get back on track with school. Maybe they'll just leave me alone.





It appears Alva is sick. Looks like I'm the one taking care of her now. Life may suck lately, but at least our house is flowing with good karma.


EDIT PLEASE READ Maybe the junk mail thing doesn&apos;t mean anything, but...

...okay, I have to think this phone caller is not a fluke.

I got another call. Same thing, blocked number—this time I answered. I tried talking to it—nothing. A recording, maybe? It was the same-sounding growl-like thing. But it was longer this time; more than a minute, maybe even three or four.

I tried to *69 the number, but they said it wasn't accessible. I've never heard of that happening... Have any of you?

I'm not sure how anyone got my number. I give it out to very few people; I guess I'll ask them, but... I'm kind of bothered. /Who is calling me/?

And why?

Please give me any advice you have.




Maybe the e-mails are related. I just got another one, from someone called Krysta Glayds. Anyone heard of her? I searched the e-mail address, lourietonie@ge-interlogix.com. Nothing. Searched the name; only thing I found was some 'bride of the year' and what I assume was her Facebook page (it had a woman in a wedding dress, so I figured it fit). The subject was "vxh" and the content was just the letter "I," lowercase. It said it was sent at 9:21 PDT, or 11:21 here... but it was only 10:33 when I got it.

Guys, please help me out. These are all coming far too frequently, I don't have any time to process or figure anything out...


There are more files. I just found them. I still can't open any, but most of these have more than 0 content. They all have gibberish names. I found them in my "past week" folder, meaning that they were supposedly things I've looked at in this last week... But, I haven't...

Guys, I looked at the times. I was on the Internet, chatting, when these files were changed or made or accessed or whatever. I had nothing to do with them.

There are about twenty files labeled "Master."



Please help figure this out.

One of the files is labeled ImagesProxies.


Just to prove a point...


This is a code of my own making.
Here's a challenge to all you Slenderblogging code-breakers.

If you can break this code, but you can't break this "Zolkm" guy's "code," then it's not really a code.
If you can't break this code, then you probably can't break this "Zolkm" guy's "code," either, so it doesn't matter whether it's a code or not, as no one can read it.
If you can't break this code, but you can break this "Zolkm" guy's "code," then I'm a better code-writer than him, so I don't care what he has to say. Alva can have her victory.
If you can break this code, and you can break this "Zolkm" guy's "code," then congratulations, I'm sure Alva will be happy to hear from you.




PS: Recruit your friends. I'd like as much evidence as possible, thanks.

Alva made me start a folder.

I wish I hadn't posted anything, because this is ridiculous. But "we" are compiling all the "evidence" into a Google Docs folder on my account. Here's the link so you can go check it out yourself and give us your thoughts. All the explanations are in the descriptions by me, or my comments. "We" will add anything else as more comes up.

Someone wanna get me out of this mess by proving none of this means anything?




Internet working!

So I went and reset the router and my Internet's working again, so I'm going to see if I can post that voicemail I was talking about. I couldn't get it off my phone, so I tried just putting it on speaker and then recording that on my computer. The quality's probably not great.

I didn't have any footage or anything obviously; it was just an mp4 file. But I guess this thing won't let me post unless it's a video, so I just slopped together a couple of old clips from a fireworks show so I could put the audio over it.

Let me know what you think!



Weird Technology Stuff

So, some weird things have been showing up on my computer and phone. Not sure what to make of it. Could be my mind playing tricks on me; I haven't slept since... Wednesday? Tuesday?

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but I have some psychological things and stuff and well, I have a weird sleeping schedule. I fluctuate between insomnia and hypersomnia. Some days I conk out the moment I hit the couch, other days I simply won't sleep all night. It's been insomnia the last couple of nights this week, so, you know, it could just be me. Disclaimer and all that.

Just in case, though, I figured I'd bring it up to see if any of you folks are technology hacks that can tell me what my devices are up to. ;p

Soooooo, about 3:30 yesterday, while I was reading Harukei Ryuu's Slenderblog, my phone buzzed and told me I had a missed call and a voicemail from some blocked/"Unknown" number. I listened to the voicemail, and I'm not sure what to make of it. I guess it could have been interference or a butt dial or something? But it was a minute long of weird clicky-growling sounds, you know, like the kind movies say aliens make? It sort of fluctuated, like there would be a brief pause in between each bout of 'growling' and there was kind of a whispery something-or-another going on in the background, idk. Anyway I'd brush it off as a butt-dial, but it's just kinda odd because I've been butt-dialed before and it, well, didn't sound anything like that. So, maybe interference from like... A radio or something? Have your guys' phones ever done that, like, is there a way to shield from interference?

Wish they hadn't blocked their number or I could find out whether the message was intentional or not lol. Hope it wasn't anybody important. o__o

I'll maybe go to Best Buy today or something.

Anyway, the rest of the night my computer was working fine, except for some annoying disconnects in chat, so I decided to start watching the Slenderman video blogs, because Alva keeps bothering me about it. She's taken to training Morrigan to scratch at me on command, which is scary and painful. So I decided it was about time I just did it.

I started with EverymanHYBRID, because Alvie said it had the best acting. I'm not done yet (I got through all of the first year of videos), but I can definitely tell she's right. Pretty impressive stuff, I've gotta say. But I had to make myself stop watching once the tag changed from "1 year ago" to "11 months ago," because I was getting too into it. XD

So obviously my computer was working fine up until then, which was about three or four or five in the morning, at which point I closed it and went to play Beetles Adventure Racing until Alva woke up.

Only then, in the morning when I went back on to check my student e-mail account, I found out that it had died some time in the night, even though it had been on the charger. I checked and the charger was still in, so I don't know if it might be broken or what.

Well, when I restarted it, anyway, there were recovered files on there, but I couldn't really open them? I can't attach a screenshot because I'm on Alva's iTouch (the Internet on my computer is now not working; I'll have to restart the router), but I'll see if I can attach some pics, hold on.

Okay cool, they attached. I guess they show up at the bottom or something; I've never used this app before.

Right, so, the only one that opens is the 'mso' folder, which leads to this website:


Not sure why but it looks like they're all erectile dysfunction drugs. o___o

Oh and also my Chrome shortcut and my Steam account were missing from my dash, which was weird.

So I tried to go to that website again but it gave me this error message, taking pic...


There was nothing in the Msau folder at all, either. But there WAS a folder in the msoclip folder named "0," which was the same website clip but with a 0 in front of the name. (I still only got the error message.)

I couldn't find any program that would open the dftmp files, which look all the same except for like one letter different in each. They're all Zero KB, so I guess they don't have any content, but the weird thing is one of them comes from 1:32:01 pm yesterday, two from 1:22:01 pm yesterday, and the last from 7:32:01 pm.

I know I wasn't making any files then, so do you think that it was my computer, like is that a normal upkeep thing, weirdly named files? Dunno how that link got in there...

If anyone's good with technology, I'm curious as to what these files are. Would love to hear your opinions!

Once I finish watching the Slenderman vlogs I'm going to try and start my project. But first, it's My Little Pony time!

Have a nice weekend!




Oh, and

That new payment plan requires a lot more money. So in addition to my 'regular' job and doing something which is totally not illegal... <<... I will be selling art.

Basically I'm taking commissions (anyone want anything?) and I'm also designing and illustrating original tarot decks. One will be a My Little Pony tarot deck, and the other will be a very mysterious Slenderman-style deck.

Alvie gets that second one free for Christmas, but you guys can pay me for one. Let me know.

If you want any other type of art, my specialties are graphite and ink. If you want color I can either use Carandache or Prismacolor. If you prefer digital art, I've been experimenting with that, too.

Tell your friends!

Let me know, folks! #needsthemoneybadly



In the Clear

I'm in the clear, guys.

Well, almost. I'd say I'm on the cusp of being in the clear. And thank god. Because my life was about to shatter and end right there. I don't really have alternative futures. It's this or nothing right now.

Thankfully, due to some MAJOR damage control, it looks like I'll be able to keep 'this' a little longer. But I do mean major. I spent literally eighteen hours at school yesterday doing make-ups in addition to my regular classes. Obviously I couldn't come up with the cash or time for that CAT scan, so that's pushed back to... indefinite time. Maybe never. I don't know. I'll die without knowing if I was brain damaged or insane... yayyy.

But that's not my biggest priority atm. Health schmealth. The point is, I had a meeting slash appeal thingy with all the relevant peeps at my college today. You know, professors, academic advisors, scholarship committee heads, deans, the like. We had to go over my situation, my schedule, my four-year-plan, my credits, my GPA, my scholarship terms, my financial aid, my payment plans, my major, my current completion rate, blah de blah, blah de blah... And I don't mean that 'blah de blah' like I didn't pay attention, I mean it like there was so much stuff that it numbed my mind. Like seriously. Learning things should not require this much paperwork.

Guys, I should explain something. It's not like I messed everything up just by missing class on Monday. I mean, I did, but that was just the icing on the cake. I have a confession.

I do not do crap at school.

Seriously. I am not made for education. I forget about half my projects and ALL my quizzes, sometimes I completely fail to remember that I even have a class when I do, and in Lecture, I cannot pay attention for the life of me. It's always been like this; I was hecka lucky to even get into this school. My dad had to pull a full quartet's worth of strings. I'm really quite smart and I get around really well doing research on my own, but I just fail at school. That's why I'm always scrambling to go to things and do extra activities for extra credit. I only barely scrape by.

So, when I miss three important classes, a major project, and a unit exam all in one day, it actually affects things.

Anyway, we had a loooooooong meeting to talk about it. I was actually surprised how helpful my academic advisor was, considering I had never met with him. But what we figured out is that basically they can't let me off like I am because I have a lack of work that proves I have in fact been giving effort / learning / attending class and stuff like that. Which is what they give you credit for. So what's going to happen is, what I can do is like a substitute thesis sort of thing. If I can come up with, organize, research, and complete a GIANT project by midterms next semester and still successfully pass my final exams after that, I can keep my spot in the school. My payment plan will go up and I can't miss more than one of any class per quarter (*gulp*), plus I'm on academic probation and all that crap, but it's a damn good deal.

Now: the project. Since I'm an art history major, I can choose any topic related to art history. But it has to be something that has not been studied on this scale before. For example, hundreds of people have studied French impressionism in the late 1800s or blah blah blah normal stuff like that. Lots of people have studied Da Vinci, have studied the influences of technology on art, of religion on art, et cetera et cetera et cetera. People have already studied the storytelling of art, too.

But what they said I could do was analyze a singular, specific, reoccurring archetype in art, following a timeline from ancient times to today. In fact, they loved the idea. It's concise, it shows focus, it's understudied, expansive, and requires real research outside of Wikipedia.

I think you can guess what the archetype is.

That's right, sweet bitches. Slenderman, my thanks to him, has officially saved my dreary college life.

So, instead of expecting me to drop out of thin air for the next several weeks, expect me to be here all the time. Thank you Alva for showing me this. We may have completely opposite beliefs and motivations, but I think this blogosphere is the salvation of us both.

Now more than ever I need your guys' help, folks. Lend me a helping hand?





So, uh, turns out I slept... all day today. And missed the three classes of mine which have the most work. Including that project I was supposed to turn in, in a class I'm already behind on, in addition to a massive unit exam. So basically, I'm fucked.

I need these classes to move on in my major, and if I don't take enough major-related classes within a certain period of time, I lose my eligibility for this scholarship, which is the only reason I can go to school here anyway. And if I get dropped from the school, that means I lose the apartment, because that's how I'm able to afford staying here. If I lose the apartment, so does Alvie, because it's under my name.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Guys, I won't be able to spare the time to update for the next couple days, probably. I need to do some major damage control. I don't know if that means doing more projects, negotiating with the appeals board, coming up with more money, or what. I'll still be doing the Slenderman project because I *especially* can't afford not to suck up every point I can get from now on. But since that's not due for a while, I'm definitely focusing on the immediate stuff first.

Please wish me luck and hope that I figure things out.

See you when I see you,







Okay. Guys. So. I was walking along the road listening to my biology textbook on tape, right? When this big painters' truck suddenly ZOOMED by like a maniac, and I fucking leapt out of the way. Nearly got stuck in a giant mass of brambles, too. Anyway I edged away from the road like hell to avoid getting run over, and then I realized that I was on the perfect stretch of road for wandering. I say it was perfect because like a few dozen yards in there was this big old abandoned barn, it was beautiful.

So I waded out in the grass to walk around the place, right? It was all dark and cavernous and empty, the wind was blowing, all that picturesque stuff, you know? It was just me and this old abandoned barn and the woods right by it.

And then I heard this soft crying sound, and scratching. And I looked in all the corners, and I walked all around, and I couldn't find where it was coming from. I checked my headphones to see if it was maybe feedback from my tape, but it wasn't them. I thought maybe it was the trees whistling in the wind, but the wind had stopped. And I kept wondering, what is that sound??

So I began slowly walking around the barn again, searching every inch of the outside. And when I was back at the wall that I had begun...

...I saw them.









Turns out there was this stray/feral cat living in the barn, and she had just had kittens!!! They look about two weeks old.

And................................. we now have one. :333

I KNOW I KNOW I'm a college student who's already in debt due to loans, doctors' bills, and basically being Alvie's bitch. BUT I COULDN'T RESIST. I fell in love with the black one you see right up here. She's the softest, warmest, most cuddliest little thing ever, and I mean, she's a black cat, so I just HAD to bring her home to Alvie, because like dude, familiar!

Anyway, Alva named her Morrigan. x33

So, we now have a kitty in addition to our goldfish Charlie. (That might not end well...)

Okay, okay okay, I'm done here, I swear. I am definitely going to spend the rest of the night working on my project due tomorrow. I know I shouldn't have posted at all today (I wasn't going to), but...


Okay, I'm done for real now.





I'm a dirty, dirty man. I did not read 'vatinga' here. I read something entirely different.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I think it's time to move on to the I Told You Sos.

This is Alva the night I wrote that post I had to delete:

A: You're not forgiven. But I'll still go with you to that stupid event, even though you don't deserve my company.
Me: I'll make sure you have fun, I promise.
A: I'll make sure not to have fun, I promise.


Me: It's surprise fun.
A: You know I hate surprises.
Me: I especially picked them to be unhateable.
A: I hate them already.
Me: Too bad, because you're going to love them.
A: Doubt it.

WELL guess what? I was right, Alva forgave me, and she had fun, AND she loved the surprises.

So, here goes:  I TOLD YOU SO!!!

Ha. Robin wins for once.

Consequentially, however, I didn't get to do much Slender research today, and I'll be busy tomorrow too. But I'll see if I can manage the tiny print on my crappy phone well enough to maybe finish the blog I'm on at the moment.

On a side note, I noticed I have a new follower, Omega. Hi there! I noticed you are listed on the Encyclopedia Slenderia (did I get that right?) blog. Unfortunately I haven't gotten a chance to read through all of that yet, but it's definitely bookmarked in my documents. :) Should be useful to my project. Thanks for dropping by, anyhow.

Time to drop out of the blogosphere for another night or so, folks. Keep me posted!




Hey Alvie

I'll buy you the pumpkins and I'll let you drive and I'll get you a giant bag of Kit-Kats.

BUT you have to read this person's post.

There's your definition of love, dear. Notice she also seems to think Slendy is a good way to foster romance!

Hint, hint.

JK JK don't get mad I'm not "pressing it" again, just teasing, promise! And I did think you might find the definition interesting. No harm.

...I'll make that two bags of Kit-Kats.




I have one.

Doc says I'm not showing any warning signs of permanent damage or anything but I shouldn't have gone to sleep when I did, especially considering my history. (He blanched when he saw it--took about seven minutes to convince him that no, I was not a victim of abuse.)

FYI, I've had lots of injuries before, and yeah, concussions too. Four, to be exact. (Concussions, not general injuries--those, I can't keep count of.) All of which were directly or indirectly caused by my beloved Alvie.

I was talking to Alvie about this after she threw her books at me--I have a delicate skull, but a convenient habit of remaining alive and not seriously harmed.

Anyway, so this is concussion number five, so even though I've not shown any concrete signs of brain damage, I'm going to be cautious and get a CAT scan. The sucky bit is, those things are ASSFUCKING expensive. I mean, I knew they weren't cheap, but SERIOUSLY! I used to get scans free of charge because the guy at the hospital back home who dealt with all that kind of shit was a closet fan of my dad. But I'm not back home anymore, so as it is I'm going to have to make my last box of shell macaroni and cheese last all week. I may have to skip class Monday to work, too.

Quite serendipitous that Alvie insisted on buying the pumpkins this year, isn't it? (Halloween is our biggest and most favorite holiday, so we always go all out.) Or I would be even more dead broke than I already am.

Soooo, that's tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, but I have to scrounge up some cash first.

Here's my observation. I don't know if it's the concussion or just the draw of the story, but I'm really getting into this Slendy thing. I know my project focus is on the people and participants, but I'm just so intrigued by how all the characters, blogs, and stories fit together into this brilliant web of a whole. I feel like I'm probably going to end up studying the characters more than the fiction-aware authors. Which may actually work out for me, considering.

I'm still not very far, just continuing reading through blogs. I'm on this one right now. I've decided on a bit of an order to things.

1) Read all the relevant blogs. (I'm going by Alva's list on this one. I trust her thoroughness.)
2) Watch the relevant videos.
3) Go back through the blogs and map the relationships and meetings between the characters.
4) Go through the blogs and posted research to make a chart of common characteristics of the different... let's call them NPCs, in the story. Including Slendy himself, for Alvie's sake.
5) Personally interview some bloggers or commenters.
6) ???
7) Profit

Ah, if only if only. Nah, there's no profit in this except a passing grade. I do so need the extra credit.

Well, time to continue reading. G'nite slenders!



EDIT: Urgh, maybe I do have brain damage. That, or I was up too late. I just remembered Alvie made me agree to buy the pumpkins as punishment for posting too much about her. Anyone know of some ways I can get some extra cash?


I wouldn't be writing anything else this soon or anything, but um.

Turns out that some random word in my last post was something Alvie hadn't wanted me to write on the Internet. Don't go worrying yourselves about it; it was a meaningless every day word anyway, and I'm deleting that whole post.

Also, my head really really hurts right now and I may have a concussion or cranial bleeding or imminent death, because it turns out by 'heaviest book' Alvie meant 'heaviest chuckable book(s),' meaning I have a few corner-shaped dents in my forehead and scalp now. Theoretically it's also possible that I could go blind. So I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. And an optometrist. And a neurologist. Possibly others. Fuck, that's gonna cost all my money. Turns out it's actually a good thing Alva has enough to pay for the pumpkins this year...

Ahem. Right, so, if I do have some sort of debilitating and/or fatal injury, you might not hear from me. (Since I don't have any followers other than Alvie right now, and Alvie kind of wants me dead, I suppose that's directed to my sociology professor as a reason my project won't be turned in.)

ANYWAY. So, that post is about to go *poof!* disappear.

The point of it anyway was basically that hearing Alvie rant last night about things sort of made more sense of her Slendy obsession. And therefore I take back that other post where I was worried about her sanity.

Also, I would like to note that Alva is a wonderful, beautiful, talented, amazing, intelligent, untouchable human being, and you should definitely follow and comment on all her posts and tell her all sorts of helpful things about Slenderman, and also that she should forgive me because I'm a good friend and I love her and also she doesn't know how to grocery shop so she should really keep me around... I think that'll do.

Right. Anyway. Caio.




A Brief Note

I'm currently reading the blog A Wand and a Prayer (sorry Alvie, but I started the big list first, and I can't just skip out of the pattern... I'll try to just pay special attention to the ones you told me to read) and I keep noticing something (not just about this, but present in the other blogs as well) about the community.

Now, you may wonder why I call it that. I don't know if I spoke about this in my last post, but technically our assignment is the study of a 'minority group' of society. It was me that came up with the idea to think of the Slender-followers as a 'group.' Of course, it's not a new concept to call all the fans of a show or something the collective a 'fandom,' but not everyone interested in Slenderman is a 'fan,' I don't think. (See below for elaboration.) Anyway, I'm going to throw in this definition from Wikipedia because I don't want to waste my time choosing between traditional dictionaries for relative accuracy (it's a nastily time-consuming habit): "The term community has two distinct meanings:

I would definitely say these people are a distinct group. They absolutely interact with each other. They're not geographically close, but the Internet (or, particularly, the Blogosphere) is its own world. Common values would be an attribution of power to Slenderman (not technically a 'value,' but I'm approximating here), whether it be via admiration or fear. There is a socially cohesive recognition of the Slender Man as a fairly identifiable figure. And it absolutely, absolutely has individual social units within itself. I want to talk about one in particular below.

Skimming over the posts originally, it's quite evident fairly soon (like once improbable events begin occurring) that a blog is in fact nothing more than the product of a creative imagination; the designed experiences of an original character. Such would seem to suggest that the 'followers' (for lack of a better word) of Slender-dom are generally collectively aware of their obsession's fictional nature. But I know Alvie, and Alvie has assured me that she really does possess a full and faithful belief in the man. Is this true of others, then? Even one occurrence would greatly suggest a sub-group of followers who maintain a devoted faith in Slenderman's reality. How many are they? And who? As I work my way through the blogs I'm sure I'll find that many of them are fake... but what about the commenters? Are there commenters who don't have blogs of their own (or even who do, like Alvie), but who nevertheless are an important part of the Slender-community? I know this is true--how many of them, then, are true believers? I would like to know who, and what they are like. But it's hard to delineate, from the way they speak, between characters and real believers. Of course, I could operate under the basis that any claim of seeing Slenderman is fabricated, and therefore only those who admit to not seeing him could be real people. However, that would not leave room for the delusional, the highly imaginative, or the paranoid. Perhaps a person may believe they have seen Slenderman, a real person--how do I know who?

If you are a true believer, feel free to comment here. I'd love to get your perspective. How much of it do you think is real, and to what extent?

I know there are other sub-communities within this one--from Alvie and the blogs, I've heard the terms 'runners,' 'victims,' 'sages,' 'fighters,' 'pets,' 'agents,' 'proxies,' and I'm sure there are more. Many of them probably overlap with one another. I'll have to do more reading to properly study the similarities and differences between them.

But I digress. I was originally just going to point out a singular fact that I found particularly interesting about this community: the interaction within it. I think it is safe to say that the majority of blogs are not written by the same person, though some may be, so there are many individuals writing. However, events, names, and people correlate exactly. How do the people know each other? From the comments, from Slenderman-devoted sites, forums, otherwise? (These are places I have yet to explore.) So far Greenlight, Redlight, the Sages, Zero, Amelia, M, Robert, and many others are names that have appeared with accurate references within multiple blogs. It's really amazing how deeply and intricately people get into this game. (I did a little research, and seems a consensus points to ARG or Alternate Reality Gaming as the proper term for this phenomenon. I wonder if there are others? There must be.) I mean, they reference blog posts of each other that talk about the same events occurring, people in the comments insinuate real-life interactions, it's all quite fascinating.

Honestly, I'm quite impressed as to the depth the characters go to establish inter-blog reality with the greater story. It's like a whole new way of fiction--maybe a whole new era of it.

Makes me glad I chose this as a subject. :)

If you have any thoughts, please share! Sorry if this post was sort of disjointed. I went back and wrote some parts after others.



PS: Hi Alvie! I see you're following me. Did you notice I advertised you?

I know I'm posting too often but

I get a lot of thoughts in my head.

This'll be short. What I'm wondering is this:

Is Alvie insane?

(Alvie, I know you're smart and beautiful and sharp as a tack and I love you. But really...)

The more I read these blogs the more I have to wonder how anyone could want this. I know Alvie's not a masochist; she would not hesitate to shove her stiletto in the balls of anyone who dared attack her. Hell, she's beaten on me a few times, and I'm her best friend, however much she tries to deny it.

But for fiction, these stories are pretty damn compelling. I'm getting the chills. Maybe I should rename this group I'm studying "Really Damn Good Authors." Anyway, point being, like this woman Kay said, they would give anything not to be in the positions they are. All the murderous proxies, possessed and killed friends and family and old exes, leeches and black smoke and needles and a bleeding tree with bodies hanging from it? Who would go looking for that?

Alvie, for how seriously you take the Slender Man's existence, I'm worried about how non-seriously you're taking the danger in the stories. I know it's not real, but I can be concerned, can't I? Because unless you're just trolling me again... you're pretty good at that... you are certain it is real. And if you believe in the murder and the possessions and the leeches and the black smoke and needles and a bleeding tree with bodies hanging from it... what on earth about this are you attracted to??

I know you say 'Nice is boring,' but I just don't want that becoming your new motto. I'm sure you're safe from the Slender Man, but I hope you don't start applying this attitude for the rest of your life. You experience drastic oversight a lot more than you think you do. Try and bring your head back down from other dimensions some time and find something you like about the good world we live in, will you? I've got butterflies to show you, and Sci-Fi shows and books and flowers and new drawings. I live in the same world as you do, even if you want to be in a different one. I'm making our day a whole weekend, okay? We're driving out to that steak place you love.

I'd like to be able to get some sleep some time. ;)



EDIT: So, Character Kay went on a date with a guy called Ryan who apparently had the same idea. Went out with her to see Slenderman. But does it count if the guy is fictional?

EDIT 2: Ooh, but he had a good reason. He's fictional and he still has more sanity points than you, Alvie.

EDIT 3: Some people say Jack Skellington is Slenderman. Jack Skellington's like, the most lovable guy ever. Maybe Alvie just thinks Slendy is the same guy as ol' Jack, and that's why she wants to meet him. Heck, if Jack and Sally existed, I'd want to meet them too.

EDIT 4: Or maybe she just reads too many of these blogs. @__@; I've been reading for... -looks at time- ...nearly five hours straight. They're pretty intense/involving. I can see how someone would get sucked into the whole story.

Broadcasting to the Blogosphere

So, turns out that even though I spent the years of my youth avidly following every interesting person to pop up on my screen, I've never actually written a blog before.


So this is my first. Be gentle, if you will? I'm delicate.

Anyway, nice to meet you all. I'm Robin, now officially old enough to drink (though I never grew out of pop), born and raised in Minnesota. I've been going to uni for three years now under an Art History major, but my count of major-related classes hasn't breached four. Turns out getting on the wait list MEANS NOTHING here. So... My schedule basically consists of whatever electives are open and interesting. I'm probably not going to graduate until I'm thirty, but oh well. It's not like you can do anything with an art history degree anyway. ;p

You could say I don't really know what I want to do with my life, other than follow around the love-of-my-life-slash-disinterested-best-friend Alvie until I get a better idea. But I do know that I'm interested in research and people and the way society all works. Which probably explains why my most interesting class right now is Sociology.

Which is... Drumroll please... The whole purpose of this blog! Ta da!

I know, I know, I bet you're so disappointed that I'm not going to bore you with the dreary details of my uneventful life. Sorry. Instead you'll have to live with research, documented studies, and experiment transcripts instead. Or, you know, you could just move on to someone more interesting. I'm not really here for the followers.

Still here? How sweet. Or... Nerdy.

Anyway, the subject of my research for this class is something I'm sure many of you have heard of—perhaps even participated in yourself: the Slenderman mythos.

Now, just to clarify, I'm not studying the Slender Man himself. No, growing up with my paranormal-obsessed dad sort of cured me of any such beliefs—and I hope you take no offense at such. Instead, I am studying YOU. That's right, you! All of you participants, storytellers, believers, and fans of the phenomenon known as Slenderman.

And that, I think, is a good enough introductory post, yes? I hope? Well, we'll see. In any case, if you're interested in helping me out, please let me know! And if you're just curious about the people—or perhaps you're a Slenderman fan—go ahead and follow me.

While you're at it, check out the charming and beautiful Alvie's blog. Not only is she my roommate, best friend, and first subject, but she has some things to say on the topic of Slenderman. IF you are not a twisted rapist or delusional freak (got to be the protective best friend here), please follow her. I know she'd love it.

Well, that's all for today, folks! I've got to go do some research in the form of blog-perusing. See you with my next update!


Big Robin